2019 Wedding Trends You Need To Know

With 2019 wedding planning season in full swing, most brides already have the vision laid out for their big day. Perhaps you know exactly what you want but you might need help a little help tying it all together. Or maybe you have no idea where to start, and you want to make sure that you are at least on trend this year?

From a day fit for a princess to colors that are sure to stand out, here are 5 wedding trends we are sure you will see a lot of in 2019.

Wedding Dresses With Pockets


We all know the feeling when we find that perfect dress and discover that it has pockets: score! But have you ever considered how amazing it would be to have pockets on your actual wedding dress? According to Wedding Ideas Mag, a big trend for 2019 will be bridal pockets. Not only can you tuck you much-needed hanky in your dress pocket, but you also get the added exhilaration of letting your fashionable guests know your little secret, too.


Purple Tones Are Taking Over

Bridal Robes Bridesmaids Robes

Bridal Robes Bridesmaids Robes

For the last few years, Blush tones were in demand. For 2019, we are seeing brides move away from pinks and blushes and gravitate towards lavenders and shades of purple. According to Wedding Wire, brides are loving the options shades or purple can bring. From bold and vibrant to subtle and soft, shades of purple are becoming the go-to hue for brides-to-be.  


Florals For Your Hair



Flowers are some of the most important aspects of any wedding. From the bouquets to the table centerpieces, the right flowers elevate any wedding aesthetic. But according to Who What Wear, in 2019, floral hair looks will be all the rage. Consider adding your favorite flower to your hair, especially if you are thinking of doing a spring or outdoor wedding.

A Royal Affair



Call it the “Meghan Markle Effect”, but according to Vogue, regal weddings will definitely be on trend for 2019. From a Meghan’s minimalist dress aesthetic to the guys all dressed in tails, maybe you are thinking you want to take a play out of the royal wedding book. Take your black tie reception up a notch and request white tie: tailcoats for the men and formal dresses with fascinators for the ladies. This is the perfect concept for you fashion-forwards guestlist. Don’t forget your tiara!

Fun and Interactive Food Stations

When it comes to your guests, there might be one important thing that comes in second place after watching you get married to the love of your life might: the food! Weddings are known for their wonderful spreads of food choices, but why not ramp it up and add an interactive food station? According to Insider, we will be seeing more and more food stations that are action-packed. Make your wedding day more memorable by adding a guacamole bar, smores station or even a make-your-own creative cocktail bar.


2019 wedding season will be so much fun to watch unfold. Have you seen any of these trends pop up yet? What are some of the most unique trends you’ve seen at weddings so far? Let us know in the comments!

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